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Posting your Vendor Banner Ad

A Vendor Banner Ad on Ops-Center is the most simple and inexpensive way to reach Airsoft hosts and players from around the world.

Vendor Banner Ads are available in 3 sizes. A Vendor Banner Ad appears on the front page within 150km (or 95 miles) range of the location pin that you set the Banner Ad to. Your banner will be presented to anyone on Ops-Center within this range. You can have multiple pins and banners, expanding your message reach.

Impression (IMP) and Click-Thru (CTR) statistics are recorded so you can monitor the reach of your Vendor Ad Banner campaign.

Vendor Ad Banners are for 6 months in duration, and there are no additional impression or click-thru fees! This flat rate system eliminates cost uncertainty and ensures your message reaches the people you target.

How to get Started

Step 1. Login to Ops-Center

Log on to Ops-Center Click Here to login.


Step 2. Set up a Vendor Billing address

After successfully logging in, set your Vendor Billing Address. Click Here


Step 3. Create a Vendor

After setting Vendor billing address successfully, Click Here to create your Vendor Entry and fill in your Vendor details. You can represent more than one Vendor under your account


Step 4. Upload your Banner and "Buy a Pin"

Click on the "Buy a Pin" Tab on your Vendor Entry. Choose your Vendor Banner Ad size and upload your banner graphic file. Set the pin to the center of the 150km (95 mile) ad range for which you wish your Vendor Banner Ad to appear.


Step 5. Pay for and Activate your Banner Ad

Once your Vendor Banner Ad and pin location are set, you will be emailed an invoice. Click on the link to the invoice and you will be taken to our payment processing partner, Freshbooks. Your invoice will appear and you can make a secure payment for your Banner Ad.

Within 24 hours of your payment, your banner ad will be inserted into the display cycle.

Monitor your Vendor Banner Ad's Progress

Under the Vendor category in My-OPS-Center, you can monitor your Vendor Banner Ad's Impressions and Click-Thru counts. At the end of the 6 month Vendor Banner Ad cycle, you will be issued a new invoice. To renew the Vendor Banner Ad, simply pay the invoice, or, select the Freshbooks automatic payment option if you wish to renew your Vendor Banner Ad automatically every 6 months. To end the Vendor Banner Ad, ignore the renewal invoice, and we will cancel it.